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Home sellers looking for larger homes

Home sellers looking for larger homes

California home sales - home sellersA national Association of realtors survey found that almost half of the home sellers last year moved up to a larger more expensive home, and 59% of them bought a newer home also, this report showed that the typical home seller had lived in their home for nine years. Last year, up from the typical timeframe of six years in 2007. Read more »


Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors remain a very popular choice among many homeowners, and with all the stains and finishes available, cleaning them is easier than ever.

Wood floors are easy to maintain — they usually require little more than sweeping with a soft-bristle broom and periodically cleaning with a reputable wood floor cleaner. Read more »


Homeowner Quicktips – Dryer Safety

Homeowner Quicktips – Dryer Safety

Cleaning lint from a clothes-dryer vent is an important maintenance step that is often neglected.

clothes dryerThe vent pipe should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. If allowed to accumulate, lint in the vent pipe is not only a fire hazard but can adversely affect performance of the dryer – sometimes making it difficult or impossible to get clothes completely dry. Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Blog Traffic

San Diego Real Estate Blog Traffic

San Diego real estate

Our unique visitor traffic last month was over 28,800!

San Diego real estate traffic - San Diego Real Estate Blog TrafficWhen you’re selling your San Diego home the key to success (selling within your predetermined time-frame  at the best possible price) is a well-thought-out and successfully implemented professional real estate marketing program. Read more »


MCAS Miramar Air Show Wall of Fire

MCAS Miramar Air Show Wall of Fire

The Saturday air show at MCAS Miramar comes to a dramatic conclusion with the ‘Wall of Fire’!

MCAS Miramar air show 2015. San Diego, California. This is always a three day event starting on Friday and running through Sunday. Only on Saturday is there a twilight show. This video is of the wall of fire pyrotechnic display which happened just after the fireworks show and is the conclusion of the twilight MCAS Miramar San Diego, California air show. Read more »


Miramar Air Show

Miramar Air Show – Full fireworks show in 4k

MCAS Miramar air show 2015. San Diego, California fireworks show in 4k.

Thia was recorded with a GoPro Hero4 Black edition in 4k @ 30fps.

We will have a separate video out shortly just of the ‘wall of fire’ pyrotechnic display which happened just after the fireworks show and is the conclusion of the twilight Miramar San Diego, California air show.

*WARNING – Just for our liberal/progressive viewers – A 20111 Harvard University study found that July 4th parades/patriotic fireworks shows can energize and turn kids into Republicans. This video has patriotic music with the fireworks.   *WARNING – 

For those of you who may be interested in further information about the San Diego California Miramar base, the following information was obtained from Wikipedia:

During the heyday of TOPGUN at NAS Miramar, the station was nicknamed “Fightertown USA”. Read more »


Wireless Charging Countertops

Wireless Charging Countertops

Surface material manufacturer LG Hausys has a new design called TechTop that embeds wireless charging stations into your countertop.

Simply set your phone down on these new countertops, coffee table, vanity, bar top or any other space you can imagine and you’re good to go. With a single connection hidden beneath the surface, you can keep the area clean and clutter-free, eliminating all those tangled wires or preoccupied power outlets. This is a genuine solution for true mobility for those that want to stay connected. Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Website

San Diego Real Estate Website Traffic

Over 28,000 unique blog visitors to in August 2015!

San Diego real estate traffic

So how does website traffic for compare to the average San Diego real estate agents website?

Well, below is a actual graph for a coastal La Jolla, and Encinitas real estate site that was registered in 2003. Yes, after 13 years it has only achieved of very small percentage of traffic when it’s compared to It’s my contention, this would be true for the majority of individually owned real estate San Diego real estate agent sites. Read more »


Blood Moon San Diego

Super Blood Moon San Diego 2015

Almost as rare as this series of four consecutive blood moons is my posting a video here about anything other than the San Diego real estate market.

Although my little video is far from professional, hopefully it’ll give one an idea of how spectacular this event was as seen from the San Carlos Del Cerro areas of San Diego. There’s a lot of mysticism and prophecy related to such a sequence of blood moons occurring on Jewish holidays. I’ve been a big believer in controlling one’s own destiny by taking prudent constructive actions. Read more »


Inflation Propaganda

Inflation Propaganda

This is a great analysis by Peter!  It’s common sense that you can’t print your way out of problems.  As painful as it is, hard work and productivity are the keys to wealth.

Let’s look at real inflation in real estate:

5.4% year-over-year gain for home prices has put the FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) House Price Index back at June 2006 levels!

Oakland California rents have been rising faster than those of any other major city, up 20 percent in a year, followed by Austin at 17%. Other California cities seeing double-digit rent increases in the past year are Sacramento, No. 4 at 15.4 percent, for a one-bedroom unit; San Jose No. 5 at 14.9 percent; and San Francisco, No. 9 at 12.9 percent.

As for the government’s CPI – – – Accountants have a saying that “Figures don’t lie – but liars do figure.”

*Keep in mind, this video was published in January 2013!

The CPI is no longer a tool to accurately measure inflation, but an instrument of propaganda the government uses to hide accelerating inflation from the public and financial markets. Modest CPI increases over the past several years do not reflect an absence of inflation, but a design flaw in the index that fails to fully capture the magnitude of price increases. Central bankers drawing economic conclusions regarding inflation and monetary policy based on this highly flawed data point are making a major policy error.

Note: Prices for the twenty items in our basket rose 44.3% during a ten-year period despite an official rise in the CPI of just 27.5% during the same time frame. But that is using official government numbers to evidence those price increases. However, judging by the inaccuracy of government numbers on other items, such as newspapers and health insurance, the actual rate of increase of the prices of the goods in our basket was likely much higher than what the government claimed! Read more »