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Home Prices Up 5.5% in Sept

San Diego home prices - home pricesHome Prices jump 5.5% according to today’s S&P/Case Shiller Home Price Index report.

The S&P 20-city composite rose 5.5 percent year over year in September, compared with consensus estimates for a 5.2 percent rise.

In San Francisco the September home prices increased at the fastest pace, up 11.2 percent on the year, this was followed by Denver and Portland, Oregon, which turned in gains of more than 10 percent! All 20 cities surveyed reported higher prices than a year earlier. Read more »


San Diego Aerial Tram

San Diego California home pricesThe idea of an aerial tramway from downtown San Diego to Balboa Park has been tossed around for some time. The proponents of this idea believe it will be an immense tourist attraction of draw for the visitors to Balboa Park and the San Diego zoo. Read more »


Affordable Housing for Generation Y

Affordable Housing for Generation Y

home improvement - Affordable HousingReally track came out with data that shows the most and the least affordability housing markets for members of generation Y which were those born after 1980 in the US. And to no one’s real surprise counties in California and New York took the top five spots on the least affordability for housing market. Read more »


San Diego residential trash cans

San Diego residential trash cans

San Diego residential trash cans Here are some facts about the San Diego Black trash cans that are designed for live pick up into the trash trucks:

In 2008 the city of San Diego stopped replacing these trash cans for free.

The blue recycle trash cans are still free from the city.

If you need a new black garbage can is going to cost you $70.

The black city trashcan as an approximate 10 year lifespan. Read more »


Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day -Tribute to the American Soldier

America Thanks You !!!
Thank you to all those who have served. We give thanks to all the brave families of our Veterans.



Veteran’s Day -Tribute to the American Soldier


Drone Roof Inspection – Agent Marketing Idea

Drone Roof Inspection

This 4k video is showing my first use of my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 drone to look at a friends San Diego home’s roof for any problem areas.

This video was taken using my GoPro Hero4 Black edition, attached to my new Yuneec Typhoon q500 G model drone.

With forecasts of the heaviest California winter rains in 50 years, it’s a prudent idea to check your roof for problem areas. So, when showing my friend the capabilities of the new Typhoon UAV, he asked if I would fly it over his roof so he could see what condition the tiles were in.

I was probably about 20 feet over the roof on this first try, but, I think the ideal height would be more like about 10 feet so we could see better detail. Read more »


Pending Home Sales Slide

Pending Home Sales

The National Association of Realtors reported today that US pending home sales were off for a second straight month in September.

San Diego real estate market, San Diego real estate broker

Bob Schwartz, San Diego real estate broker

What’s being reported here our statistics for pending existing home sales, also commonly referred to as resales. Once in existing home sale as an accepted contract, but prior to the actual closing, it is considered a pending home sale.

For September the decline in pending existing home sales was 2.3% when compared to August 2015. This marks the third month to month drop for home resales so far this year.

Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Blog

San Diego Real Estate Blog

Our unique visitors for October 2015.

San Diego Real Estate Blog - The above chart shows that for October this site had 31,776 unique visitors!

This huge targeted San Diego real estate traffic is what differentiates this site from the vast majority of other local San Diego real estate websites! This type of traffic gives a tremendous boost to anyone of my listings that are always posted here not only with photos but also with a video, because they are exposed to this kind of interested San Diego real estate visitor! Read more »


San Diego Residential Property Outlook

San Diego Residential Property Outlook

San Diego Residential Property OutlookSan Diego residential property and commercial property is uncertain as the Qualcomm layoffs approach.

Will the the mid-to high-end residential San Diego property be affected by the upcoming Qualcomm layoffs?

In just 17 days 1314 full-time high-paying San Diego jobs will be history. Yes, November 20, 2015 is the final day for the skilled high-paying jobs at Qualcomm. Read more »


Poverty Moving to the Suburbs

Poverty Moving to Suburbs

San Diego real estate Poverty Moving to the SuburbsThe number of people living below the federal poverty line ($23,492 for a family of four in 2012 ) today remains at record highs. But even so, a study by the Brookings institution shows that poverty is moving from the inner cities and rural areas to the suburbs. This is a significant shift compared to 2000 when the urban poor still outnumbered suburban residents living in property. Data shows that between 2020 12, the number of people living in distressed neighborhoods increased by 5 million. Read more »