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San Diego Real Estate Market Observations

San Diego Real Estate Market Observations

In this video I give my observations and opinions on the San Diego real estate market in mid-July 2017. actually, these are just my personal opinions so before acting on any of the information  here I would advise talking with your accountant and financial advisor prior to making any real estate contractual commitments.

Well, with that said, I can say one thing for certain. That is this market does not look anything like the top of our San Diego real estate market did in the summer of 2005.

Driving the real estate frenzy that ended in the summer of 2005 was the ease of getting mortgages without stringent qualifications. in today’s San Diego real estate market home buyers really have to qualify to handle the mortgage payments. What’s really driving our current San Diego home price appreciation is the basic economic principle of supply and demand. Read more »


San Diego Housing Market Analysis 4th Quarter 2016

San Diego Housing Market Analysis

San Diego home prices - San Diego County Residential Real Estate Market Analysis

©2016 By Mark A. Melikian California Certified Residential Appraiser P.O. Box 3051 Del Mar, California 92014 858-945-8996

The following is a market data summary of detached and attached properties as reported by the San Diego County MLS system. The data includes all zip codes in San Diego County. All projections discussed in this analysis will be updated throughout the year in subsequent quarterly reports.

San Diego Housing Market Overview: The data provided analyzes residential real estate sales beginning in the year 2000, which is used as the base year. The number of sold listings in San Diego County peaked in 2003 at 42,746 units and decreased through 2008 to 23,972 units. In 2016, the total number of units sold for the year was 36,236, up from 35,232 sales in 2015 (see Figure 1).


san diego real estate market

Market Overview: The monthly absorption rate (number of units sold in a given month) will mirror the trend we see in the number of sold listings. The peak monthly absorption rate occurred in 2003 with 3,562 units selling per month. In 2008, the monthly absorption rate decreased to a low of 1,998 units. The 2016 monthly absorption rate was 3,020 units, up from 2,936 units in 2015 (see Figure 2). Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Website Traffic

San Diego Real Estate Website Traffic – July 2016

California home sales - home sellers - Home Prices Increase

Shown below is our unique monthly visitor count. What this means is that a person visiting our site is counted one time based on their unique IP address of their computer. So, even if they go back later in the day and visit a number of times more, it would still only be counted as one visit within a 24-hour period. Read more »


Real Estate Agent San Diego

Real Estate Agent San Diego

With over three decades of residential real estate experience, hiring Bob can ensure that you get the best possible price whether buying or selling real estate in San Diego California. Real Estate Agent San Diego Bob Schwartz:

If you are considering buying or selling San Diego real estate you are entering into what for most people will be their biggest monetary transaction of their lives. There is a big difference between a California real estate agent and the California real estate broker. Read more »


San Diego Home Sales

San Diego Home Sales Drop

California real estate - New California Real Estate Tax - San Diego Home Sales

California Real Estate

The San Diego Association of Realtors latest report for San Diego single-family home resales for the month of November were down by 25% when compared to November 2014! Also, condominium and townhome sales were down by 24% from October but on a year-to-year basis were actually up!

Now, as far as the San Diego median single-family home prices, they were up 10% in November compared to October’s median home price. It looks like San Diego home prices are on track to finish the year up approximately 6% over 2014! Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Website

San Diego Real Estate Website Traffic

Over 28,000 unique blog visitors to in August 2015!

San Diego real estate traffic

So how does website traffic for compare to the average San Diego real estate agents website?

Well, below is a actual graph for a coastal La Jolla, and Encinitas real estate site that was registered in 2003. Yes, after 13 years it has only achieved of very small percentage of traffic when it’s compared to It’s my contention, this would be true for the majority of individually owned real estate San Diego real estate agent sites. Read more »


San Diego Real Estate

San Diego Real Estate


No, it’s not always a good time to purchase San Diego real estate! Get a well rounded opinion on the current trends in our local real estate market. Read more »