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Real estate video marketing

Real estate 360° video marketing

Real estate video marketing

The best way to view the video below is to go down to the lower part and change the settings to the highest quality that your TV or computer can handle all the way up to 4K. Besides the directional button that’s on the video in the upper left-hand corner, you just may be able to use your cursor to move around within the photos and video.

Real estate video marketing

Everybody knows that video marketing is super hot right now. Within the video marketing category 360° videos are really gaining in popularity. through a very simple and relatively inexpensive 360° camera you can capture 4K quality video that not only looks good, but in real estate can really save brokers and agents a lot of time in showing properties. Read more »


University City La Jolla Colony Home Rental

University City La Jolla Colony Home Rental

Video tour of a three-bedroom three bath San Diego home rental.

*NOW RENTED* This upgraded remodeled home is currently available for a quick move-in. Located close to UCSD, in the University City La Jolla Colony area. This three-bedroom three bath home  is located in the Barcelona neighborhood of La Jolla Colony. this is a very quiet parklike neighborhood centrally located near university town center. The neighborhood  as a resort style pool and spa area and is just minutes to Highway 5. Read more »


San Diego Home Rental

2Br.+Loft/3Ba La Jolla Colony University City Home Rental

4130 Caminito Davila, 92122 – $3,400 mo. on a one year lease.

*NOW RENTED* Beautiful, recently renovated home in a park like quiet location and very serene backyard. just steps away from the community pool and spa.

San Diego Home Rental

Close to UCSD, restaurants, parks, canyon, beaches, shopping, and freeway access. Minutes to anywhere in San Diego. Read more »


Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates

Fed Raises Rate Again!

Green Home Improvements - Federal Reserve Hikes Interest RatesToday the Federal Reserve Board announced its first interest rate hike for 2017! today’s interest rate increase is the second one by the Fed in three months!

This interest rate increase was a quarter of 1% and comes after the Federal Reserve Board increased the interest rates in December by a half of 1%.

When the economy is doing good and expanding its typical that the federal reserve will try to check inflation by increasing interest rates. Read more »


Most Expensive Home

Most Expensive Home in New Jersey

Stone Mansion in Alpine, New Jersey is on the market for $50 million dollars, making it the most expensive home on the market in the state.

Maintenance would be ridiculous. I can be barely bothered cleaning my room. imagine cleaning this whole house every month.. and then the gardening. No thanks. you’d need another 50mil to keep this abomination going without it going to pot. Just changing all the light bulbs alone wouldn’t be cheap. Read more »


Home Price Reduction

Huge Home – Huge Asking Price Reduction

Neverland Ranch - Home Price Reduction

Well, back in 2015 this California estate was listed at $100 million! In case you didn’t guess it this is Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara. Now the property is called Sycamore Valley Ranch, and it contains 22 structures on approximately 2,700 acres!

The big news about this California ranch is the fact that it’s just received a $33 million price reduction! Yes, now they can get this great property for just $67 million! Michael Jackson purchased the property back in 1987 four $19.5 million! Read more »


Commercial Real Estate Bubble

Another Real Estate Bubble?

Real Estate Bubble

Back in November 2016 I wrote an article about red flags that I saw pertaining to the United States commercial real estate market. If you missed that article here is the direct link: Real estate bubble 2017

Well, just this week I saw another red flag pertaining to the commercial real estate market. Yes, take a look at the photo  to the left. I purchased an electronic device  last Sunday from Amazon. I ordered it online about 8 o’clock in the morning on Sunday. As you can see from the bag, the online order form showed that it would be delivered between 12 and 2 PM  (actually arrived at 12:30 PM) the same day. Now, as a prime member, there was no additional cost for this super quick delivery service.

I didn’t realize it at first, but the experience was so easy and so fast, I now believe that this is a definite danger for the large shopping malls. My article  about the real estate bubble that I posted in November 2016 was about real estate limited partnerships (REITS) many of which invest in all types of commercial shopping centers and strip malls. So, for me personally, and I would venture to say probably quite a few other people, when ordering online, not only do you have the convenience and a very competitive price,  but think of the time saved from having to go to the mall, find a parking space, fight the crowds and finally waiting at the checkout line before heading back home. Therefore, I really believe that this fast shipping service that Amazon has incorporated and I understand some other big online  merchants are looking into, is going to spell big trouble  for many shopping malls and thereby the REITS that invest in them.

Read more »


San Diego Existing Home Sales jump

San Diego Existing Home Sales

San Diego home for sale

San Diego County detached home sales for January 2017 where the highest since 2013! When compared to January 2016, the San Diego County detached home sales  were up just slightly by 49 homes.

The real big news for existing home sales in January was that on a nationwide basis, they hit a 10 year high!

The National Association of Realtors (N.A.R.) reported this week that existing home sales jumped 3.3 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.69 million units last month. That was the highest level since February 2007!

Not only in San Diego, but for most of the major regional metropolitan areas, there’s been a persistent shortage of available homes for sale. It is this lack of housing inventory that many in the real estate industry believe is the major cause of the escalating home prices even in the face of increasing mortgage rates. Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Site for Sale

San Diego Real Estate Site for Sale

San Diego California real estate broker -

18 year old San Diego California real estate is for sale. This site is now for sale!

Most search engine optimization optimization specialist agree that older sites rank in the search engine results much better  than newer sites. Also sites that concentrate on one topic and have a large amount of unique content rank better in the search results when compared to smaller sites.

Just take a look below at ourmonthly unique visitors to this San Diego real estate website! we no longer have an MLS search function on the site nor do we have a lead capture page. With these two upgrades made, with the huge directed San Diego real estate traffic that this site generates  it would be hard to believe that at least a few completed transactions could not be directly attributed to the website.

Here in San Diego the average residential home price is over $500,000! Just as an example,  let’s say just one new sale per year could be attributed to this website. Also, let’s say that  the generated real estate business was a listing and the sale was generated by a cooperating broker. That would mean, that the owner of the real estate site, naturally assuming that they are a California licensed real estate broker, would receive half of the commission. Again to be ultra  realistic let’s say that the commission on this one generated real estate transaction was just 5% and that was split 50-50 between the listing office and the sales office. Well, at a $500,000 sale price, this example would result in a $12,500 commission!

San Diego Real Estate Site for Sale  It’s not only the unique traffic that’s important to this site it’s that this site is totally focused on generating traffic specific to  the San Diego real estate market. Personally I’d say with this type of  unique traffic, has to be one of the busiest San Diego real estate sites!

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Home Mortgage Delinquencies Jump

FHA Home Mortgage Delinquencies Jump

San Diego Residential Property Outlook - Home Mortgage Delinquencies Jump

Just reported that in the fourth quarter of 2016 the Federal Housing Authority reported that home mortgage delinquencies increased for the first time since 2006. It should be kept in mind that this home mortgage delinquency jump comes at a time when the FHA was seeing the lowest home mortgage delinquency rates  since 1997!

It’s fair to say that the majority of economists were surprised by this home mortgage delinquency junp. Naturally, it’s way too soon to determine if this is just a blip or the start of an ominous trend. Read more »