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July 13, 2009


Cap & Trade … The Big Tax

by Bob Schwartz

America needs to get off its addiction to oil (especially foreign) and develop new technology. BUT you don’t do it by forcing a tax on American businesses and citizens in the worst economic climate since the 1930’s. Instead offer hefty incentives to any one organization who can develop said technology…

Cap and Tax is not about the environment anyway, this is just a tax to supplement his ridiculous deficit and try to fund Obama care…

The same dumbasses supporting this were scared off global COOLING just a short 20 years ago…Cap and trade has nothing to do with global warming, he just needs the tax revenue to supplement his crippling deficit…


If you liberals actually believe this cap and trade is about global warming, then you need to understand that taxing fossil fuel plants in America will send more jobs and companies to China and India, were said tax doesn’t exist. Then we are left with un-payable utility bills(which encompass everything in you life, including gas, food, clothes, etc…) while China and India increase their carbon emissions x4. So you whole argument goes to the wind…
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  1. So how bad is it? I hear all these ramblings, fancy financial terms and so on. But what does it all really mean? Does the US collapse? Do we see soup lines and down trodden people like the experience was during the Great Depression? Seems to me the US financial catastrophe is pretty simple. Our government and the citizens of the US have consistently spent more than they take in. At some point the debt becomes so great we are unable to pay it back, or manage it. When we are no longer able to pay our debts what happens? Do we surrender assets, land and military hardware to the foreign nationals we’ve been burrowing money from over the last two decades? Maybe a fire sale of America? The whole system is a sham and we only have ourselves and those shysters in Wall Street and the Scum of Washington DC to blame..Sorry to say but, Obama won’t be able to save us from this SNAFU. The concept of uncontrolled spending and deficit through credit has finally caught up with us. This decade is perhaps a time for reckoning in which our short sighted ways and embrace of Wall Street’s psychopathic free market capitalism garnered by greed and unequaled corruption will finally get the best of us..

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  2. And to top it all off— ex-President George W Bush left the U.S. with a $10trillion dollar debt to be paid with declining home prices. Give me back Clinton’s 90s balanced budget economy any time compared to the nuts currently running Washington.

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