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San Diego real estate market Outlook 2018

San Diego real estate market Outlook 2018

As I write this, the final figures for the fourth quarter of 2017 are not in yet. But it seems that a number of insiders believe that the average home appreciation in San Diego will be approximately 7.2% for 2017.

One major real estate tracking analytical firm has come out with for projection of average appreciation for 2018 in San Diego California of approximately 4.2%. so, you may be asking yourself why the three percentage point drop in the forecast for home appreciation for 2018? I’m going to give my opinion here with my thoughts on why the San Diego home values will not be a strong this year as they were in 2017. Naturally, I’m just a real estate broker and not an economist. But, with that said I’m sure if he got 10 economist in a room and asked them what they thought the average appreciation for San Diego real estate would be in 2018 you would get 10 different opinions.

So, here is my personal opinion on what I see for the San Diego residential real estate market in 2018: Read more »