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San Diego Real Estate Traffic

San Diego Real Estate Traffic

The real secret in marketing (website marketing) is driving unique targeted traffic to your website.

San Diego townhome for sale - San Diego Real Estate Traffic

Sure, you can have a great looking website with terrific graphics, color-coordinated, a motion background and decent content. But, unless your content generates a huge amount of targeted traffic, your not achieving the true potential that the Internet offers.

The best gauge for any websites authority and marketing potential is its unique monthly visitors! Keep in mind the unique visit is counted as just one visit from a URL, whether it’s a website or mobile device, in a 24 hour period.

In November 2017, had over 20,300 unique visitors! Keep in mind, that in large metropolitan areas where real estate is very competitive, it takes hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to a real estate website to convert one, into a legitimate real estate buyer or seller! Nov traffic Nov traffic

 San Diego real estate website traffic comparison:

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California Home Prices Almost Double

California Home Prices in this city up approximately 92% in the last five years!

California Home PricesHome prices nearly doubled in this surprising California city

Source: The Mercury News
As home prices skyrocket across the state, there’s one California city where they’ve shot up more than
anywhere else in the U.S. nearly doubling in the past five years.
No, it’s not San Francisco, San Jose or Oakland. It’s not even in the Bay Area.
It’s Stockton, the Central Valley community twice dubbed America’s “most miserable” city by Forbes
Magazine because of its high rates of housing foreclosures, unemployment and violent crime.
The jump in home prices in Stockton and neighboring Lodi up about 92 percent over the past five years
is dramatic evidence of the ripple effects of the Bay Area’s tight housing market and the increasingly out
of reach cost of living here.

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California Homeowners Bad News

California Homeowners

California homeownersSenate-Passed Tax Legislation Bad News for Homeowners

Yesterday morning, the U.S. Senate, by a vote of 51-49, passed legislation that would change the face of homeownership in this country for decades to come. The House passed its own version of tax reform Nov. 16,2017.

A last-minute change to the Senate version would make up to $10,000 in property taxes deductible for the small number of homeowners who would still be itemizing. Previously, the Senate version had eliminated the property tax deduction entirely. The change aligns with the property tax cap set in the House bill. One difference between the two bills is that the Senate version retains the deductibility of mortgage interest payments on up to $1 million of indebtedness; the House version caps indebtedness at $500,000 (again, for the small minority still itemizing).

Now, members of the Senate and the House must meet to agree on a final bill. It’s not too late to make your voice heard.

Join us in telling your members of Congress that incentives for homeownership and the capital gains tax exclusion on the sale of a home MUST be protected. Read more »