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Best Real Estate Videography Tip

Best Real Estate Videography Tip

Last year I sold my Sony RX 100 and him now doing all my videos and still pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone. Yes, smart phones have advanced enough now that unless you’re a artist or photojournalist, one really doesn’t need any other photographic device beside your smart phone. My smart phone does 4K video and the results are really quite amazing!

The only problem with using a smart phone for video, especially videos of homes, is the fact that because smart phones are so small, we usually hold them in one hand when walking through or around a new listing. So, even though the photo and video quality is there, it also has quite a bit of shake in the videos when moving around the property. Now, a number of high-end cameras have electronic stabilization, but this alone usually cannot get out all jitteriness in the video.

This is where a Gimpel stabilization device can really make the difference between a professional looking listing video and amateurish video presentation. Keep in mind you most probably told your sellers how you are a professional real estate agent. But, if they view your marketing materials and see photographs that are over or underexposed and videos that are jittery and/or not put together in a cohesive manner, you know they’re going to be thinking that they made the wrong choice in selecting you to represent them. Plus, if they are not happy with your property photos and video do you really think they’re going to give you their future real estate business? Read more »