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California Affordable Housing

California Affordable Housing Problem

The California legislature in Sacramento is considering two new bills to help California’s housing problem. With the healthy recovery of California home prices, combined with the lack of normal resale inventory of homes, the California affordable housing problem has been exasperated.

Housing Affordability - California Affordable Housing

The Sacramento California lawmakers say they need to pass a combination of measures to address the state’s housing crisis. It has been estimated 1.5 million California families lack access to affordable housing. California also has disproportionately high rates of homelessness.

The first bill moving through the legislature is SB35. This bill removes some development restrictions in cities that fall behind on housing production goals. It passed 23-12 in the Senate.

The second bill is AB73, which rewards cities for streamlining the approval of housing, particularly for developments near public transportation. It passed the Assembly 46-19. Read more »