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San Diego Real Estate Internet Traffic

San Diego Real Estate Internet Traffic

We had over 25,100¬† unique visitors to this site last month! Please keep in mind I’m not talking about hits here, I’m talking about unique visitors a much more accurate way to track website popularity.

San Diego Real Estate Internet Traffic - San Diego real estate site for sale

A unique visitor is one visit from a unique IP address¬† within a 24-hour period. What this means, is that if you visited this site today from your smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer, it would count your visit as one unique visit. If a few hours later today, you again visited the site from the same Internet appliance, your second visit would not be counted at all. If you visited again the following day, or perhaps I should say at least a minimum of 24 hours from your last visit, it would count you as another unique visitor. Read more »