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Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Remembering all those who gave it all so that we can live in freedom.
Speech from Ronald Reagan, 1985 at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Beautiful video. God Bless America this Memorial Day and every day.Thank you to all who have fought and lived/died for this country.

God bless to the soldiers who are not here with us will always be remembered in our hearts and these soldiers have been in our country for a very long time and they worked so hard for our country and these soldiers were so brave and so strong to fight and conquer our country and for the people and wanted to say thank you soldiers for fighting for our country and giving us the courage to say to these soldiers thank you and God Bless to these soldiers and we love you all and again Gold Bless you!

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Record-low Housing Inventory

Bob Schwartz,, Record-low Housing Inventory

Bob Schwartz, California real estate broker

Redfin: record-low housing inventory is ‘freaking us out’
Source: CNBC

The number of homes for sale in America has been falling steadily for the past year, but the situation is apparently getting much worse as spring demand heats up.

“The inventory is reaching historic lows. It’s never declined faster than it did last month. It’s freaking us out — it’s affecting our business; it’s limiting our sales,” said Glenn Kelman, CEO of Seattle-based Redfin, a real estate firm. “We’re going to be fine in terms of market share, but I think the overall industry for the first time is seeing sales volume really limited by the inventory crunch.” Read more »


2017 Housing Market Red Flags

2017 Housing Market

The rise of HELOCs and shrinking down payments …

From housing prices to outrageous government pensions and an unbelievable underfunded state pension program  that is never talked about . . . Nothing in California  is rooted in good economics. Read more »


Real Estate Termite Inspections

Real Estate Termite Inspections

Here in San Diego California where the average  residential resale prices now over $500,000, most homeowners realize the value of maintaining their property and so any landscaping maintenance or peeling paint is usually addressed quite quickly. But when it comes to one of the most destructive conditions  that face homeowners, the vast majority elect to go with the out of sight out of mind philosophy.

Sure, but I’m talking about here is termites and dry rot. These are two main things that San Diego pest control companies look for when doing a home inspection. I don’t think that there’s many homeowners who haven’t seen houses that are tented to eradicate termites. It’s unfortunate but this usually occurs because the home entered escrow and the purchaser requested a termite/pest control clearance. Read more »


California Home Hunting

California Home Hunting – The Millennial Home Buyer

This is a very humorous, and unfortunately very true ( especially here in California)   depiction of a young millennial trying to buy his first home.

I’m sure some might think this is true of our current housing market situation in California . . .  and it is!  but, the overpriced housing market in California has been around for decades!  what’s different now, is the fact that due to a shortage of available, and affordable homes in California the situation has been compounded in the last 2 to 3 years.

The last time I was working with a millennial couple looking for a two-bedroom condominium here in San Diego, it took over a year, and three different offers on properties, before we were able to close escrow on their first home.

Now, keep in mind that my first-time home buyer clients were well qualified for their price range, and with help from their folks were putting 20% down.  Yet it was very frustrating to find a decent property that did not have multiple offers on it within days of its original listing.

Read more »


Shopping malls closing

The reasons why malls across the US are closing down more than ever

The American shopping mall is in crisis. We explore the variety of reasons why malls cannot keep their stories afloat and are becoming vacant wastelands. Some insiders are saying that a third of all U.S. shopping malls are projected to close as ‘Space Available’ signs go up all over the U.S.

It’s not about laziness. Going to the mall eats up half your day. Going online and buying what you need can be done before breakfast. And you don’t have to fight for a parking spot. People have busy lives. They don’t have time to mess around at an overpriced mall and fight the crowds.

Two important points I think were missed in the video: Class B and C malls account for most of the closings – elite class A malls are doing just fine, and are expected to out live the others through the next 10 years. Also, outdoor malls are faring better than indoor malls. I’m guessing it is the more prestigious shops that wish to more fully control the customer experience. Read more »


San Diego Real Estate Internet Traffic

San Diego Real Estate Internet Traffic

We had over 25,100  unique visitors to this site last month! Please keep in mind I’m not talking about hits here, I’m talking about unique visitors a much more accurate way to track website popularity.

San Diego Real Estate Internet Traffic - San Diego real estate site for sale

A unique visitor is one visit from a unique IP address  within a 24-hour period. What this means, is that if you visited this site today from your smart phone, laptop, or desktop computer, it would count your visit as one unique visit. If a few hours later today, you again visited the site from the same Internet appliance, your second visit would not be counted at all. If you visited again the following day, or perhaps I should say at least a minimum of 24 hours from your last visit, it would count you as another unique visitor. Read more »


Home Values Growth – Fastest Rate in Nearly Three Years

Home prices up at fastest rate in nearly three years!

2017 San Diego real estate - Home Values GrowthHome Values Growth – Case-Shiller index sees fastest growth since mid-2014.

In just one word, HOT, describes the US residential housing market right now!

Sure, there are many out there right now for forecasting the US housing bubble, or in the very least, a topping out for the momentum in the housing market. But, according to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller 20-city index report, it would seem that these negative forecasters are 180° off base! the latest S&P Case-Shiller 20 city index was up 5.7% when compared to the same time period last year. Read more »